How does it work?

The platform serves as a meeting place for project owners seeking funding for real estate development and those who are willing to make investments. Röntgen ensures the simplicity and transparency of processes to achieve quick and smooth cooperation.

Real estate project
  • To obtain funding, the project owner submits to the operator the documentation required for an evaluation of the project and developer (financial statements, business plan, drawings, funding demand, etc.).
  • Based on the submitted documents, Röntgen carries out the assessments of the project owner's creditworthiness and project quality.
  • A preliminary offer is submitted for projects that meet the platform requirements, and the funding terms are discussed.
  • Having signed the contract for the use of the crowdfunding platform, the summarised information about the project is placed in the investment section of the platform.
  • Registered and identified users who have familiarised themselves with the project and loan agreement can quickly invest into the real estate properties chosen by them.
  • Investments made through the payment institution (Paysera) are entered immediately (the entry of the bank transfer may take up to 2 working days). Shortly after the entry of the payment, the transfer information will be displayed in the investor’s account, and an automatically generated loan agreement will be placed in the contracts section.
  • During the period investment is raised, all funds are accumulated in the restricted electronic money account which may not be used either by the project owner or the platform operator.
  • In case of a failure to raise the required investment amount, the money is paid back to investors by transferring it into the bank accounts from which they were made, and the concluded agreements are automatically terminated.
  • Having raised the whole or minimum investment amount, the project owner signs the property pledge and warranty agreements, thus securing the repayment of loans to investors.
  • After all the contractual obligations have been performed, the money is paid to the project owner pursuant to the terms established in the agreement (all of it at once or in tranches).
  • Payments can be made on the basis of work performance certificates, project completion or interim property valuations.
End of the project
  • At the end of the project, the project owner repays all funds to the account indicated on the platform.
  • The operator distributes the funds received to all the platform participants who have invested in the real estate project. Payments are made into the same accounts from which the investments were made.
  • Where necessary, the loan term may be extended by agreement of the parties. In such event, the project owner has to pay an interest bonus and/or default interest that is distributed and transferred to investors by Röntgen.
  • In case of longer delays, Röntgen is entitled to apply to bailiffs, seize property and initiate proceedings to recover investor funds.

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