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Project description
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Project description:

Key facts:

  • 24% of apartments are already sold with advance payments of >30%;
  • Preliminary sales value - EUR 3 000 000;
  • 100% of the loan amount transferred to the project owner has to be covered by the sum of sales receivables (excluding VAT) due after the completion of the buildings;
  • Project is already being developed  – block C has a completion of 50%, A and B - 20%;
  • Maximum loan-to-cost (LTC) ratio is 40.5%;
  • Time to completion for block C - 6 months;
  • Developed by real estate professionals working for 15 years in one team.

The project:Birštonas villas” - three-block modern apartment complex is being developed in the fastest growing Lithuanian resort, Birštonas. The town has a well-developed infrastructure (hospital, gymnasium, athletics field, tennis courts, spa centers, cycling trails, etc.) and is located only 45 kilometers from Kaunas, making it a suitable location for the first home. Birštonas also has rapidly growing, non-seasonal tourist flows, so apartments are also attractive as investment for rent. The project itself is developed in one of the best locations within Birštonas - the complex borders a pine forest (city park), the Nemunas river and its newly renovated riverside are just 100 meters away, 90 meters - “Eglė” sanatorium and 650 meters - city central square. The project includes a total of 73 apartments and 5 commercial premises – a total area of 3 943 m2 for sale. As much as 24% of the premises have already been sold with signed preliminary contracts and > 30% advances paid.

Construction work is currently underway in the project area – the framing of block C is already completed, and the roof covered; for blocks A and B – the foundations laid, and the construction of the first floor has begun.

This loan is the first stage of “Birštonas villas“ project: in the first stage, the maximum loan to be collected is EUR 2 500 000. The project owner has the ability to borrow additionally using the Röntgen platform in the subsequent stages, but the total loan granted may not exceed EUR 3 000 000 and must conform to all of the terms and conditions of the first stage loan (all loan and collateral ratios are calculated and reported using the maximum loan amount of EUR 3 000 000). The additional capital will be used to complete the construction work. The loan will be repaid from the proceeds of the sale under the notarial contract of sale.

Annual interest: interest rate for the investors will depend on the size of the investment:

  • 8.0% - 1 000 - 9 999 EUR;
  • 8.5% - 10 000 - 19 999 EUR;
  • 9.0% - 20 000 - 49 999 EUR;
  • 9.5% - 50 000 - 99 999 EUR;
  • 10.0% - 100 000 - 199 000 EUR; 
  • 10.5% - 200 000 - 499 000 EUR; 
  • 11.0% - from 500.000 EUR. 

You can also check you expected return with our expected return calculator that can be found on this page.

Loan safeguards: All property under development - the plot of land and the structures in it - will be mortgaged to Röntgen investors.

The total amount paid to the developer shall not exceed the amount receivable from sales (excluding VAT) made according to the preliminary sale contracts. This means that 100% of the loan amount is always secured by receivables from sales. The disbursed loan may be higher than the amount of receivables from notarial contracts only if the project owner provides an additional shareholder loan to finance the operations of the company (at a ratio of 30/70, shareholder / disbursement loan).

  • The total investment in the project before the financing is EUR 1 900 000 + VAT
  • The total investment in the project is planned to amount to EUR 7 400 000 + VAT
  • The estimated project (sales) value is EUR 9 400 000 + VAT.

First stage maximum Loan to Collateral Value Ratios:

  • LTC* - <33.8% 
  • LTGDV** - <22.0%

Total maximum Loan to Collateral Value Ratios:

  • LTC* - <40.5%
  • LTGDV** - <26.4%

* LTC - loan to total project-related costs ratio (loan-to-cost);

** LTGDV – loan to total project sales value at the end of the project (loan-to-gross-development-value).

Term of the investment - 24 months. The agreements will come into force on October 31st or after the maximum loan amount is collected (EUR 2,500,000). The funds will be paid out only after the requirements of the contract are fulfilled – assets are pledged and preliminary sales condition is met (see the second point under Loan safeguards).

Interest and the nominal amount of the loan are repaid at the end of the project.

Property description

Sales: the attractiveness of the project and the demand for this type of housing is demonstrated by successful pre-sales. Although construction work on the project site began only in March 2019, the total sales already amount to 16 apartments and 3 commercial premises (1 000 m2 or 25% of total area).

Buildings: the project consists of 3-block 4-storey residential buildings with a total of 73 apartments and 5 commercial premises (area of 3 943 m2 for sale). The size of the apartments ranges from 39 to 67 m2. In addition, the apartments have loggias (about 5 m2) which are not included in the common area.


  • This is the tallest residential building in the historic part of Birštonas (up to 15 meters), so the 3rd and 4th floors are exceptional. Due to the changes in height requirements (future developments are limited to maximum of 9 meters), similar height buildings in this area will not be built in the future.
  • The ceilings will reach 2.90 m. and up to 5.20 m. in the penthouse apartments; all apartments will have loggias and floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Apartments will have the views of the pine forest and the river of Nemunas;
  • Energy class A +, SmartHome control system and all the other state-of-the-art housing solutions.

Level of finishing: for customer convenience, all apartments are sold with the turn-key level of finishing excluding all portable furniture. Apartments will be equipped with premium quality materials and well-known brands - natural wood flooring, "Electrolux" home appliances, "Villeroy & Boch" and "Hansgrohe" bathroom fixtures and more. The developer also offers an option to furnish the apartments fully (including all furniture and ready for living or renting out).

Description of the location

Birštonas: located only 45 km south of Kaunas (second largest Lithuanian city) and 90 km from Vilnius (capital and the largest city of Lithuania), Birštonas is one of the most modern and the fastest growing Lithuanian resort. The occupancy rate of hotels in Birštonas in 2018 outperformed that of all other Lithuanian resorts - Druskininkai, Palanga and Neringa. Nearly 150 000 tourists visited Birštonas last year. Rimvydas Širvinskas-Makalius, a well-known travel and tourism expert, described the town as "one of the favorite resorts." Thus, Birštonas is a very attractive location for a rental apartment because of the growing non-seasonal tourist flow and proximity to big cities.

Project location in the city: “Birštonas villas” are being developed in the old part of Birštonas, so the center of the town can be reached on foot in a few minutes. Across the street from the project is the city park - a pine forest and 100 meters away the river of Nemunas flows. In addition, within a radius of 1 km. there is a grocery store, a school, tennis courts, a stadium, a swimming pool, several SPA hotels, restaurants, Birštonas central square and even more.

Nearest infrastructure:

10 m. - Central City Park;

50 m. - Mineral water evaporation tower;

90 m. - "Eglė" sanatorium;

100 m.- The Nemunas river;

450 m. - Groceries shop;

500 m. - Bus station;

650 m. - Central Town Square;

700 m. - Birštonas Gymnasium;

800 m. - Tennis courts.

Project website:

About the developer

Project owner: the project is developed by UAB (Joint-Stock Company) “Prime Real Estate”, owned by Prime Partners holding, which portfolio also includes real estate development companies UAB “Saulės sonata”, investment company UAB “Avestis” and investment banking company UAB “Prime investment”. The project developer started the operations in the field of real estate consulting and mediation in 1993, and since 2004 has been actively engaged in real estate development in the major Lithuanian resorts. The project management team has over 70 years of experience in the real estate business and has been successfully working together for over 15 years.

Other participants of the project: Architects - Vilija and Algirdas Kaušpėdai, architects of “JP Architektūra” team. The project is managed by UAB “MKF“. The main contractor for the construction of frame and facade works is UAB “Alvora”.

Röntgen risk evaluation

Criterion From 0 to 5
EBITDA margin 3
Change in value 2
Developer finance 5
Capital structure 3
Location 5
Project type 5
Project duration 3
Market trends 2
Developer experience 5
Business plan 5
Risk classes
Investment rating

The project assessment criteria are coordinated with the Bank of Lithuania. The rating is the platform operator's subjective assessment of the project risk. Röntgen rating is of an informative nature only and cannot be considered investment advice.


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